Why join us

Download the leafletAFE-INNOVNET Thematic Network (TN) is helping local and regional authorities to respond to Europe’s demographic challenge by promoting WHO holistic approach to population ageing (the “Age-Friendly Environments” model), developing a EU-wide active network of interested stakeholders active in the field, stimulating cooperation and synergies, and facilitating the deployment of innovative age-friendly initiatives across Europe to help older people to age in better health and remain active for longer, lowering the pressure on social and healthcare systems and fostering longer working lives. This EU wide mobilisation will also help develop an EU wide single market for innovative ICT based products and services.

Visiting AFE-INNOVNET website will give you access to key information on the promotion of age-friendly environments in Europe, including a directory of local and regional authorities, a list of notable practices on age friendly environments, a list of useful links (policy and academic resources, relevant projects, etc.), a up-to-date calendar of relevant events, as well as regular news on key reports and policy developments across the EU.

Moreover, becoming a member of the AFE-INNOVNET Thematic Network will offer you numerous opportunities to contribute to our activities and develop your network. You will indeed have the opportunity to collaborate by providing your input to our work, share your experience and knowledge, and be in direct contact with other members of the TN to create new partnerships.

More specifically, by joining us, you will:

  • Receive updates about events and funding opportunities related to age-friendly environments;
  • Have your activities and events promoted on our website;
  • Have the possibility to contribute to our monthly newsletter;
  • Submit blog posts and comment on others;
  • Be able to participate and collaborate in webinars – where concrete themes related to age-friendly environments will be discussed and solutions proposed;
  • Be able to contact Network’s members and find partners for future projects;
  • Submit your initiative(s) on our repository of notable practices;
  • Benefit from guidance on how to assess the impact of your initiatives;
  • Benefit from toolkits on how to involve older persons in your initiatives;
  • Help us develop guidance on how to involve businesses in age-friendly initiatives;
  • Help us frame the EU Covenant on Demographic change;

To learn more on our activities and objectives, download here our infographic and leaflet.

For detailed information on why to join and the various ways of collaboration, download our recruitment pack here