Project Activities


The work of AFE-INNOVNET is divided in 6 Work Packages:


The Work Package 1 “Project Management”, led by AGE Platform Europe, ensures the proper management of the Network as well as the delivery of its objectives in a timely manner.


The Work Package 2 “Identity, communication and dissemination”, led by PAU Education, aims at creating and updating AFE INNOVNET communication tools (visual identity, website, social media accounts, newsletter, press releases, etc.).


The Work Package 3 “Mobilisation”, led by CEMR, will be devoted to the campaign to recruit local and regional authorities and other stakeholders to join the Thematic Network, organise regular opportunities for the Thematic Network’s members to exchange information, notably through webinars and five capacity building and matchmaking workshops.


The Work Package 4 “Evidence based evaluation and participatory co-production methodologies in support to AFE”, led by Polibienestar-UVEG, will aim to develop tools to evaluate the socioeconomic impact of local, regional, national and European initiatives in the field of age-friendly environments. It will also develop a participatory method on how to involve end-users (older people) in the co-production of age-friendly environments, and coordinate with WHO Europe to ensure coherence with the WHO Europe project on "Age-Friendly Environments in Europe".


The Work Package 5 “Support uptake of innovation for AFE”, led by TNO, will frame and design an online repository for notable practices in innovative solutions for age-friendly environments, with the objective to facilitate uptake of ICT and services innovation through information provision and practical guide to societal business case development.


The Work Package 6 “Framing, launching the Covenant and developing long-term strategy for the sustainability of the Covenant and the Thematic Network”, led by AGE Platform Europe, will aim to recruit signatories and develop a long-term strategy to ensure the sustainability of the Covenant and AFE INNOVNET Thematic Network, in close partnership with the local and regional authorities involved in the network.


The project is evaluated pro bono by Blomeyer & Sanz as part of their CSR policy.