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5 Ioanni Linardaki st, P.C. 23051 Skala , Laconia
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5 Ioanni Linardaki st
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Skala , Laconia
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17 981 inhabitants
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Social participation
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Civic participation and employment
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Community support and health services
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Building on the previous information, please provide a brief summary (250-300 words) of your city or community's policies, programmes and services targeted at older people and how you are planning to make your community more age-friendly. If your application is successful, this summary will be published on the Covenant's website: 

Municipality of Evrotas has various social facilities, not only for  elder people but its inhabitants in general. Avaliable social services in the Municipality of Evrotas are the following:

- The "Help at Home" Program
- Nursery Schools
- Free Food Distribution Program
- Uninsured and Financially Weak Citizens Booklets
- Social Convenience Store
- Granting of Financial Assistance
- Volunteer Office

- Urgent Financial Assistance

The “Help at Home” Program emphasizes on providing systematic and organized primary care for the elderly, as well as the disabled. The program is implemented by local authorities. It is directed towards senior citizens who cannot look after themselves fully and individuals with mobility difficulties and other problems. The program gives priority to those who live on their own or do not have families to take care of them or those who live with too low income (income lower than 5000 euro) to cover their basic needs, so as to improve their quality of life. A total of 120,000 elderly and people with disabilities, have benefited from the program’s services, such as Counseling and emotional support, home visits by nurses, nursing care and physiotherapy, family, domestic assistance, satisfaction of everyday practical needs, outdoor duties (paying bills, shopping, etc.) and other services. 

Moreover, Municipality of Evrotas proceeds to create Protection Open Centres for Elderly to prevent biological, psychological and social problems of them in order to remain independent, equal and active members of the society, raising the awareness of the public and institutions on the problems and needs of elderly people and conduct research on issues related to health prevention such as vaccinations, medical examinations, etc., which will contribute to improvement of the living standards of the elderly.