The AFE-INNOVNET repository displays notable examples of innovative solutions for age-friendly environments in Europe. Its objective is to exchange knowledge, foster synergies and contribute to the scaling up of these initiatives.

You may already consult below a list of existing initiatives, covering the 8 domains of WHO age-friendly environments strategy: housing, transport, community services & health services, outdoor spaces & buildings, social participation, respect & social inclusion, civic participation & employment, communication & information.

Do not hesitate to submit your own initiative(s) as well to share it/them with our large network and get in touch with potential partners. To make it easier for you, a guidance document is available here.

Czech Republic Kraj Vysočina N/A
Over the next three years a network of information centres on of long-term care will be created in every bigger town in the Vysočina region. The information centres will gather all information about the providers of both social and health services...Read more
Czech Republic Hlavní město Praha Prague
The Centre for Social Services in Prague 2, run by the City of Prague, provides a large scale of services. They combine the registration for social services (home, daily, respire and residential) and also the registration to provide health care...Read more
Belgium Arr. Mechelen Mechelen
Communication problems in medicine use can often lead to unintented intakes of double doses, or problems with the restart of medicinal treatments. The initiative has a preventative focus as it addresses and prevents unsafe medication practice. The...Read more
Belgium Arr. Mechelen Mechelen
The Public social welfare organisation of Mechelen in cooperation with the Local Health Platform of Mechelen (LOGO vzw) build up a demonstration house “Healthy@Home” to showcase “(un)healthy living”. The demonstration house was designed with low...Read more
Latvia LATVIJA Kuldīga
Celebrating the International Day of Senior Citizens on October 1, Kuldīga District Museum welcomes all seniors to visit the museum free of charge. Kuldīga Town Council organizes a health day for senior citizens offering different activities and...Read more

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