Newsletter #14 April 2015


While AFE-INNOVNET Network members are busy preparing the launch of the EU Covenant on demographic change (7 December 2015), you may already save the dates of upcoming exciting events where you will learn more about AFE-INNOVNET activities. First, we will organise our next webinar on 15 June 2015 to speak about synergies between our activities, the adaptation of WHO Global Guide on Age-Friendly Cities to Europe’s context (AFEE project) and the OECD Ageing in Cities project. Then, AFE-INNOVNET will be one of the main actors in a Committee of the Regions’ Open Days workshop on the role of regions in growing Europe’s Silver Economy and will actively participate in another one on Accessible transport for older persons. More information and registration are coming soon, follow us to receive updates! Meanwhile, do not hesitate to share with us your good practices and to populate our repository.

Featured News

The European Commission reveals its plans towards a Digital Single Market


On 6 May 2015, the European Commission unveiled its detailed plans to create a Digital Single Market in Europe. The objective is to launch a series of actions by end 2016 aimed at breaking existing barriers and unifying the digital market for the benefits of citizens and businesses, and doing so, create jobs and economic growth.

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Active Ageing Index reveals progress in the EU despite the economic crisis


A recent report from the Active Ageing Index team (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the European Commission and the University of Southampton) shows progress in various EU countries on opportunities for active ageing. However, countries such as Greece and Latvia have declined during the four years from 2008 to 2012.

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New OECD report on “Ageing in Cities”


Population ageing is a global phenomenon with major implications for cities. The OECD recently released a report providing insights and tools on how to mitigate the challenges of ageing societies and make the most of the opportunities they present.

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Release of a Roadmap for sustainable care


The European Steering Group on Sustainable Healthcare presented in March 2015 its White Paper on Sustainable Healthcare, gathering key findings and policy recommendations to adapt healthcare systems in the light of current challenges, population ageing and scarcer resources.

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Why we joined

The Polish Institute of Silver Economy, seated in Warsaw, is a Foundation founded in October 2014. The Institute is formed by an interdisciplinary group of experts acting in the fields of economy, law, urban planning, architecture and social sciences, who joined their forces to change the living environment in Poland into more age friendly.
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Featured projects

Launch of the FOCUS project on optimisation of frailty management in Europe


A new project to tackle frailty among Europe's ageing population has recently been launched. Named ‘Frailty Management Optimisation through EIP AHA Commitments and Utilisation of Stakeholders Input' (FOCUS), it will work to discover more efficient ways of detecting frailty and measuring its severity, including further researching biological and clinical markers.

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WEB COSI project organises a workshop on civil society initiatives for well-being


The Web-COSI project organised in April a workshop on “Well-being, plausibly” - civil society’s initiatives, tools and challenges to improve the quality of life of people and territories. Discussions addressed well-being and new technologies, civic engagement and “2.0 statistics” for societal innovation and sustainable development.

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